Lighting a log cabin can be trickier than you might think. Log cabin lighting should be cozy, but not dim; rustic, but not dirty. These subtle nuances will mark the difference between a comforting, welcoming home and a dreary shack. Here are some tips on how to use lighting in your log cabin. First of all, you should decide on the overall indoor décor of your cabin. Some of the best cabins I’ve seen have made good use of earth tones, especially burnt oranges that bring out the natural color of the wood walls. Combine burnt orange and mustard yellow, deep burgundy with forest green, or a classic natural tan with darker shades of brown. Earth tones create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Using lighter or brighter shades will help brighten up your room, as well. As with décor, I recommend using brighter lighting than you think you need. Even the palest wood reflects light much less than your average painted wall. The light from a dim bulb will be swallowed by your cabin.

As for the color of your light, let me share with you a trick from stage lighting: The color you want to achieve, and the colors you use to achieve it, are rarely the same. In stage lighting, if technicians use a yellow gel over their light, suddenly actors appear to be afflicted with jaundice. Instead, a sunny yellow affect is created by blending different colors. The same is true with lighting a cabin. If you want a soft orange lighting affect, chances are that using a soft orange bulb isn’t the best way to achieve it. With cabins, I suggest working with bright bulbs, such as bright white fluorescents, and letting shades and glasses add color for you. Because original log cabins obviously had no electricity, lighting that mimics sunlight or candlelight feels most natural in the space. However, because the residents of original log cabins did not have extensive evening lives, it is necessary for us to improve some upon the log cabin lighting design.


The exquisiteness of a home log Image source buy phentermine online popular choice for people looking for quaint and comfortable living. Now, because of innovative and easy to build home log kits, it is quite affordable to build a log home. When building a home log, it is important to consider the installation of the plumbing system.

Installing plumbing in a home log is not that much different than installing plumbing in a conventional home. In most cases, the plumbing can be hidden behind the wall cladding and within the floor. A plumber will install and run the pipe system in the walls of log homes that have interior framed walls. For log homes that have all interior walls, the plumber will build a chase-way in a room on the first level. The chase-way is a boxed out area in which the HVAC and plumbing runs through to the second level of the log home.

If a log home is built with completely round log floor joists on the second level, the floor will have to be built up to allow for the electrical and plumbing. This is done by creating a space between the tongue and grove by using taking 2″x6″ boards and standing them on end. Supplementary plumbing is passed through conventional stud walls throughout the log home.

When installing the plumbing, it is much easier and less expensive to keep the bathrooms near each other such as back to back or above one another if it is a two level log home. Galvanized steel pipe is generally used for the line from the well to the pump. As well, polyethylene piping can be used as it is lighter and more flexible. However, you should not use it for the hot water. It is also essential to consider whether the pipes will be exposed to the cold. It is important to make sure the pipes are properly insulated from the cold to avoid freezing of the pipes. The plumbing should also drain easily so that water does not sit in the pipes.

It is important to check with the appropriate authorities regarding the location of the septic tank because consideration for the location will include the type of soil, drainage field, and location of the well. As well, a plumber will have to install of the fixtures and make sure the pipe system is properly installed and functioning properly.

When building a new home logs, it is essential that the plumbing system can properly take water into the home and take wastewater out of the home to be treated. An inadequate plumbing system can disrupt the normal function of the system which includes leaks, backed up sewers, burst pipes, water overflow in the home, and more. When installing a plumbing system in a log home, it is essential that you hire a professional plumber to do the job. A plumber will ensure the plumbing system is installed correctly, identify potential problems, and check the entire system to make sure it is working correctly.

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If you have started record home construction, then there are a couple of stuff you should know before getting in as well deep in the building of your home. You will find problems that will occur as you go along and also you should be prepared for them, for example the weather. This is probably one of the biggest disadvantages in construction as well as in construction time is money. Each and every week your house-sits without a penny being done will be expensive for you in interest. The greatest time in order to plan with regard to the building of your home is preferably for summer to ensure that the walls tend to be up, the roof is on and the windows are set up before winter occurs. This will help you save big time in the future.Another factor whenever building your own cabin would be to possess quick access for the equipment that will be coming onto your property. This not only pertains to your own property, but you should check for any links that could require big trucks as well as machinery groing through it. This is very important as you will require entry with regard to delivery vans and a minimum of a fork raise.If you’re planning on obtaining all of your material delivered at once, then you better plan for a space to store them, because they will have to be saved in out of the weather. Then, apart from this, a person will take some dumpsters for any waste material as well as potties with regard to the construction crew. There will also be price with regard to the energy that is used during your construction. The power company might eliminate a couple of days, but you then will be expected to pay.

postheadericon Roof Materials For Your Log Home

Your roof is a great opportunity to make a dramatic statement to the world. This colorful creation is going to sit atop a unique, custom home, and no matter what material you choose it’s going to look awesome. There are more choices on the market today than ever before, and an extra investment will probably make a bigger impact here than elsewhere in your home. Even asphalt shingles have taken on a new personality. Here are some varieties modern technology has made available to us (my cost estimates are very broad, and only meant for comparison’s sake).

Asphalt (or Composition) Shingles: (also known as three-tab shingles) The most commonly used shingles, these are made from a mixture of asphalt and fiberglass. The ceramic granules protect the asphalt from the sun’s UV rays. We tend to buy them according to life expectancy, which starts at 15 years for the thinnest shingles, 25-30 years for the next level. Their lifetime depends on the environment and how well the roof is vented. This roof will cost around $50-$150 per 100 square feet.

Laminated Fiberglass Shingles: Also called architectural or dimensional shingles, this shingle is still made from a mixture of asphalt and fiberglass, but is built much thicker, giving it a more three-dimensional look. Architectural shingles make the roof look more textured, are larger than a standard shingle, and come in an amazing variety of shapes. They are usually guaranteed for 40 years and could easily cost twice as much as standard asphalt shingles. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Selecting Windows for Your Log Home

Awning Window in a Timber Frame HomeIf you are planning to build a custom log home or timber frame home, selecting the right windows is a critical decision. Windows are one of the most important design elements of your home and should integrate with its overall look and feel. The selection of windows will have a major impact on the energy efficiency and performance of the home. And, windows make up a significant percentage of your home’s cost, and can vary greatly depending on quality and style.

There are a number of styles and types of windows. Here are a few terms that might help you when researching windows.
Awning Style Window

Awning windows feature one sash that is hinged at the top and swings outward. These windows are often placed above or below other windows and doors for additional ventilation. They open and close with the turn of one easy to reach handle which is located on the bottom of the window frame. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Landscaping For Your Log House

After you have your dream record home built, your own likely subsequent step is actually landscape designs. If your log home was integrated into the atmosphere sufficient, you might not need to do much, contrary whatsoever, since the natural environment, such as trees, shrubbery and other indigenous bacteria ought to grow naturally. But if your log home is in a home region, is in an area that has little indigenous plants, trees and shrubs or even bushes or you are starting from scratch along with completely cleared space around your home, you will need some ideas on where to start. Here are a few tips for landscaping around your own record home:


Careful planning is vital, particularly if you’re starting with a blank slate. You can get advice from employees from a local nursery, they are able to often suggest suitable indigenous plants that will not only develop well in your neighborhood, however will additionally appear natural with your record home. You may even consider using software in order to design your own landscape. There are many programs readily available for your own computer that will help you design your own scenery. Just plug in the measurements for your house and area after which you can select from hundreds of thousands of different trees, plants, bushes, flowers as well as many more options. It is similar in order to a drag-and-drop user interface. You will also be able to choose the color and type of the outside of your home, and view a Three dimensional examine of how the plants will appear whenever young and mature towards the backdrop of your own home. There are many good programs available however one excellent program is Three dimensional Garden Composer, which includes extensive tutorials to make simple to use that you should use.

Log Home Factors

At every phase, you will want to be careful to consider not only the way your landscape designs will appear towards as well as around your home but also the way it will affect your home. For example, you won’t want to grow something similar to Ivy or a crawling plant upon your home, Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon How To Finance Your Log House

If you plan to construct a record home, you have to approach it in a systematic manner and follow it up with meticulous planning. Finance is the primary thing to consider in your record home project. You need to make sure that you are properly protected through the start of your own project until completion. As well many log houses possess become stuck at the end of construction because the cash went out. Therefore, it is advisable to start preparing for this well in advance and provide with regard to problems that may arise during the course of conclusion.

Ascertain your own Financial Condition

The very first thing you need to do is actually take stock of your financial resources. You must have adequate funds available before you get your project underway. Experts propose that you need to earmark money of at least 40% of the total budget in money to ensure that your record home gets completed without a snag. If you run into a turmoil, it can seriously hamper the progress of your project if you don’t possess sufficient financial to get you via the tough patches. Moreover, the much more your own project is postponed, the much more this will cost you. So before you decide to apply for finance in order to banking institutions and private lenders, make certain your own own money is in good shape. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Bedroom – Log Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are meant to be comfortable, magical which component of the home in which you may wish to relax as well as loosen up. Log bedroom furniture comes in broad range of bedroom furniture accessories that comprise elegance. Besides this furniture offers style, it also offers the substance to make a declaration. For those of a person who would like to enhance as well as enhance your own bedroom along with a different touch, this is simply the correct choice.Depending on the room size that would cater one bedroom furniture may plan accordingly to pick the right type of bed. This furniture comes in earthy shades of dark brown which brings a really nice close-to-mother-nature look as well as feeling for your bedroom. This is actually carved along with a really special feature. The wood used for making this has the tendency to keep natural oils which naturally protect the furniture from the sort of deterioration and end of contract. The oils additionally have special aroma as well as fragrance that provides a really refreshing, soothing, as well as relaxing feeling. Cupboards, cabinets, lamp appears, chairs, Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Which Type Of Cooling System Is Right For Your House

When you decide it’s time to have a air conditioning system installed, your next step will be determining that type will work for your home. There are many different styles and kinds on the market these days, it is important that you do your research to find the system which will work best in your own home and provide you with the ideal amount of greatness.

The the very first thing you have to consider is that type of air conditioning system would be best for your home. If you are fascinated in only cooling a particular room or component of your own home, there are window mountable units which are suited for which type of air conditioning. When installing a mountable cooler it is crucial that you’ve some plumbing experience since you will have to supply your chillier along with a source of water and possibly some electrical connections might need to be achieved. If you are not certain how and just what must be carried out, consult a professional in order to avoid any unexpected problems.

The other type of cooling system you may be considering is actually a central air type of system. A main air system works in a lot the same way as the heating unit. This uses a temperature to adjust the heat and will deliver the awesome air throughout the entire house through the duct work. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Carpet Color Ideas for Log Homes

Dark Colors

Dark colors work well in a cabin with interior log or exposed wood walls. Dark shades of carpet contrast the light color of the finished wood. If you’re living in a cabin where you spend lots of time outside or have young children who are coming and going from the outside to the inside, dark colors don’t show the dirt as much as lighter colors would. Hunter green, navy blue and crimson fit with the natural vibe of many log cabins and add a rustic vibe to the rooms.

Light Colors

Light carpet colors are versatile and can work in any room of your log cabin. Neutral shades like beige and tan go with all furniture types and decor styles. If you are aiming for an ultra-modern vibe in your cabin, choose a white carpet. For children’s rooms in the cabin, colors like lavender or light pink can go in a girl’s room and light blue or pale green can work for a boy’s or a guest’s room.


Multi-colored carpets are another option for log cabins. Carpets with dark plaid patterns or stripes can fit with a woodland style. Choose this type for a game room or movie room within the cabin. You can also find carpet with various patterns on it like animals that would fit with the vibe of many log cabins. These patterns add an element of visual interest to the room.